Help create the world of future -Today

Our online classes will provide students with in demand basic programming and technology skills

The world of today is already created by digital technologies. The goal of MAS-CodeTech is to help students to master the following basic programming languages :

In our classes students will have fun by studying basic programming classes.The rhythm for computerized education is today.

MAS-CodeTech classes at a glimpse.

2 classes per week.

All classes will be delivered online.

Small group of classes.

No prior knowledge required.

MAS-CodeTech teaches students basic programming skills. We have many ways to do hour of Code

Hour of Drawing with Code.

Learn how to program drawings using JavaScript.

More JavaScript: Drawing and Animation.

Learn how to use variables, make animations, store your data in arrays and objects, group your code into functions, and more!

Start drawing with code :

Hour of webpages.

Learn how to make webpages with HTML tags and CSS.

More HTML/CSS: Making Webpages

Learn more tags like links and tables, then learn more powerful css selectors and properties to completely re-style your page.

Start creating webpages :

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